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Dave Wagner group Lab meeting


Graduate education and research are the foundation on which we must build long-term conservation efforts. Research provides the data necessary for wise decisions, while graduate education provides the skilled professionals necessary to implement them. Generous gifts from our donors have helped us establish two new programs:

  • The Graduate Student Research Opportunities program, and
  • The Graduate Student Professional Enrichment program

The Graduate Student Research Opportunities program is designed to offer graduate students special grants for field or laboratory research vital to the completion of their graduate degrees. While the University strives to provide graduate students with support for tuition and living expenses, these stipends are never enough to support the additional expenses associated with modern scientific research. Neither are they sufficient to cover travel expenses to and from field sites in places like Costa Rica, South Africa, or Madagascar. Through the Graduate Student Research Opportunities program, students may apply for grants to give them the resources they need to complete their research.

The Graduate Student Professional Enrichment program is designed to support travel to scientific conferences and symposia. Students who present the results of their research at these meetings profit from comments and criticism offered by scientists from around the world. We hope eventually to ensure that all students associated with Center faculty have the funds necessary to take advantage of this important part of their training.

These programs can only continue to succeed with your help. Your gift will help us to continue the work we have already started, and it will help us broaden our reach. It will help us do our part to ensure that our children and grandchildren live in a world as full of wonder and diversity as our own.

To discuss further or arrange a donation, contact David Wagner.

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